Tourism-led credit lines have grown about 800% over the past 10 years, which means that business can be a great investment opportunity. And you, do not waste more time, enjoy to set up your business in the tourism area through the credit lines.

The tourism area is one of the most promising in our country today. With the rise of the C class, traveling has become increasingly common and entrepreneurs are taking advantage of this wave and innovating in the industry. Movement size result is the growth of public funding for tourism, which has grown 800% in the last ten years. That’s it!

And 2012 was a record in the industry. Disbursements from the Caixa Econômica Federal, Banco do Brasil, BNDES, Banco do Nordeste and Banco da Amazônia jumped from R $ 1 billion in 2003 to R $ 9.83 billion, totaling R $ 43.5 billion. And you there on the couch with the kids watching TV! It is important to dare and research the areas of the segment to start your investment.


The R $ 9.83 billion released in the period, even without the result of December, represent the best annual performance since 2003, when the Ministry of Tourism began to articulate with the public banks credit lines specific to the sector. The main loans were directed to the parks, tourist agency, transport, car rental and restaurants.

One of the lines of credit for tourism included in the account is BNDES Pro Copa, destined for the construction and renovation of hotels. Many entrepreneurs are watching the event that will leave Brazil in the sights of the whole world. For you to have an idea, it’s about R $ 2 billion in funding to help cities prepare to welcome tourists during the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

And you will continue to be afraid to open your company? Innovate and enjoy the credit lines that are in your favor. Research the leisure areas to which tourism segments benefit.

Make your notes and your business plan and get your credit for tourism. Do not stand idly by, waiting for everything to fall from the sky! Brazil has never been the scene of so many important world events that drive our economy and especially, its bank account.

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