Every citizen dreams of buying their own property, which is one of the biggest and most important steps in the life of anyone. In the Brazilian market, dozens of banks and financial institutions offer all kinds of real estate loans , real estate loans and real estate financing, differentiated financial and amortization systems for the profile of borrowers.

To hire this type of operation, you must be sure that you will make the best deal, after all the financing will last half of your life, on average, from 20 to 35 years. Your bank probably has a home equity line of credit and you’re sure to have an already pre-approved limit available, however, you’ve already done research to find out what the possibilities are for getting real estate financing to finance your home purchase ?

What is interesting is that you finance your dream, the purchase of your own home, with financing that offers you the best term, interest and conditions, and that does not negatively affect your pocket, your budget and the security of being able to pay all plots until the end of the plan.

One of the innovations in this type of credit modality, although in practice is not yet consumed, is the “real estate payroll loan” or ” real estate payroll loan ” for public servants. The credit line has already existed in Europe for a long time, but only a few months ago they began to consider this idea of ​​carrying out the operation here in Brazil.


Banking and financial institutions

Banking and financial institutions


First, eleven banking and financial institutions have shown great interest in integrating this team and offering to offer the real estate payroll credit line, including CEF (Caixa Econômica Federal, BMG (Itaú BMG), Banco Bonsucesso, Banco Cruzeiro do Sul, Daycoval, (Banks), Banco Fibra, Banco Matone (Welcome Banrisul Serviços Financeiros), Banco Morada (Under intervention), Panamericano and Lecca Financeira, which already have extensive experience and work in the payroll loan market for state, federal and municipal public servants as well as for retirees and pensioners of the INSS.

It is estimated that only for the posts of state servants, 460 thousand people can benefit from this modality of housing credit. The crowd is big, the interest of the banks can be easily understood if we analyze that when it comes to a payroll loan, the discount of the debt is generated in the payroll and in this way, the default rate is practically nil.

When approved this type of real estate payroll loan , the proposals must present great advantages such as financing of up to 100% of the appraised value of the property, adding differentiated interest rates much more attractive and terms for payment that can reach up to 420 months, 35 years.

The “payroll-deductible loan” or “payroll-deductible loan” also foresees a reduction in loan operation costs, since the Planning Department will be responsible for the entire collection process, passing on the collection of discounts directly to financial institutions .

To adhere to this modality of “consigned credit and real estate financing”, financial institutions will not face much bureaucracy. It is said that it will be enough to include an additive to the contract of the banks that are now qualified to offer payroll loans to public servants of all spheres.

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